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Prestige Superstars
ranked top 5 for their SG!

As of 2/06/09

  1. Jane Reaction    5,633,848
  2. Silhouette.         2,454,140
  3. Soulfire Lily        1,180,767
  4. Samurai Koko     1,099,527
  5. Fast Fists Frankie    933,657
  1. Wicked Calypso   1,166,275
  2. Gilgallon              736,475
  3. Arctica.              726,164
  4. Danath               680,076
  5. Shakuty              634,648
  1. Ol' Sparky         1,167,191
  2. Harvey Heart       710,821
  3. Blood Cell         580,878
  4. Coriolis Effect       463,983
  5. Dreadful Avails      329,258
  1. Dark Rites            791,238
  2. Mad Death Man     641,863
  3. Guardian GMX029    606,300
  4. Sierra Sunrise         556,827
  5. Fate Stealer           555,642
  1. Echo Force        1,059,834
  2. Fateweaver          933,363
  3. Moon.Shadow      334,721
  4. Glitter Bug          314,633
  5. Ice Babe            279,451


Top Pinnacle Female Supergroup

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We're Recruiting! 
Lethal Ladies is currently recruiting the following:
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Blasters (10)
Controllers (10)
Defenders (10)
Peacebringers (10)
Scrappers (10)
Tankers (10)
Warshades (10)

Hello Guest!  Thanks for visiting the Lethal Ladies!
LL Lineup by Dakota Sunrise

Lethal Ladies is a City of Heroes© premier Supergroup on the Pinnacle server, established to be the home and family of some of the best heroines in Paragon City.  Lethal Ladies is designed for female characters, while our partner group, Deadly Dudes, is home to our male heroes.  Sinner's Syndicate is a co-ed establishment on City of Villains, also connected to Lethal Ladies and Deadly Dudes.
We strive to provide a fun and active group of super-people to make
City of Heroes and City of Villains a great experience for all!
COH (City of Heroes) Top Pinnacle Female Supergroup COH (City of Heroes) Top Pinnacle Female Supergroup COH (City of Heroes) Top Pinnacle Female SupergroupCOH (City of Heroes) Top Pinnacle Female Supergroup

LL in lights! 
Lethal Theater!
Select a video below to see a film
created, directed and produced by our very own
Velvet Misery!


The News Room 

New Forum!

Dakota Sunrise, Dec 21, 10 11:58 PM.
The GP site has gone into unsubscribed status, so please use our new forum at

I18 and Going Rogue is Live for pre-purchase customers!

Dakota Sunrise, Aug 16, 10 5:14 PM.
The official release of Going Rogue is Tuesday 8/17 but if you've already purchased it, it's available now! Get your Rogue on!

I17 Dark Mirror is Live

Dakota Sunrise, Apr 29, 10 8:14 PM.
Issue 17 is Live! Revamped Positron TF, new explore badges, two new lvl 20-29 contacts in Talos, animated tails, and more!

Get your Pistol on!

Dakota Sunrise, Mar 2, 10 6:54 PM.
The Going Rogue pre-order is now available at!

Spring Fling is live and upcoming Issue 17: Dark Mirror

Dakota Sunrise, Feb 9, 10 6:45 PM.
Share the love with the annual Spring Fling event! Also, Issue 17: Dark Mirror is announced!

Happy Holidays from LLDDSS!

Dakota Sunrise, Dec 30, 09 2:30 AM.
Here's hoping everyone has a safe and happy holiday season! :D

Join Us!! 

We want YOU!

Interested in joining the ranks of the Lethal Ladies or Deadly Dudes?
Please view the
"About Us"
page to learn about the group and follow the link at the top right of the page to go to the Application forum!

COH (City of Heroes) Top Pinnacle SG- female supergroup


There are no upcoming events.

Keepin' it Lethal 

Deadly Dude

Game News 

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What Is City of Heroes? 
(Description from the City Of Heroes WebPage)

City of Heroes is an online world that's home to an entire universe of heroes, where you and thousands of other players take on the roles of super powered heroes - in a stunning, 3D graphical world.

Super Powered Action and Adventure

Create Your Own Hero

Choose from hundreds of different powers and design your own unique costume.

Fight Evil!

Confront super villains, aliens, madmen, criminals, and other fearsome foes. Take on personalized missions and rid the city of several different evil organizations and hundreds of individual enemies.

Form Your Own Super-group of Heroes

Band together with other players to fight evil and become the premiere hero group in the city!

Explore the City

Explore the skyscrapers, slums, sewers and streets of Paragon City, a sprawling online metropolis that offers unlimited adventures and countless surprises.

Live the Story

Become an integral part of more than thirty different ongoing story arcs as the villain groups menace Paragon City and react to player victories and defeats.


[City of Heroes game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of NCsoft Corporation and its Licensors and used with permission. All rights reserved.]
COH (City of Heroes) Top Pinnacle SG- female supergroup


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